Prepare your mobile devices: one of the best Android games is already here. Play Wildscapes, a great entertainment where you will solve numerous puzzles, picking the right objects and placing them in a row. There must be three items in one row to move on. The story behind the puzzles is incredibly adorable. You have a zoo, where exotic animals live, so completing the tasks, you will get more of them. Some time ago, your zoo became unpopular and now you need to do everything and get the fame back. Amaze your visitors with the rarest creatures from all corners of the planet!

Each level of the game will offer a new task to deal with. Solve them gradually and open a wide range of different zoo inhabitants. You will build beautiful cages and aviaries for the creatures to make them feel comfortable and safe. Pandas, tigers, lions, zebras, and various birds will live there. Plant trees, flowers, and bushes to make the territory really adorable. Also, you can place some coffee spots here and there to let your visitors have a small rest after a long walk around the zoo. Each completed level will provide you with golden coins and stars. These bonuses will help you purchase the animals, various tools, decorations, and stuff. The coins will help you to buy new things and creatures and the stars will help you to open special boxes, where amazing surprises are waiting for you. You will gradually fill the zoo with amazing animals and crowds of people will visit your place every day! The more animals you gain, the higher grows your level. And remember – each new level opens new territories and building opportunities. Make your collections grow, take care of your pets, and good luck!

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