Totally Reliable Delivery Service

Your delivery truck is waiting for you to sit inside and start your mad journey across the stunning areas! Don’t forget that your job is to deliver goods customers, but you will make a way through a truly hazard sandbox. Try to deliver everything on time and without harming yourself or losing packages! At least, you should try. The game is available for one player as well as for a group – you are welcome to play with your buddies or get to the online multiplayer version. Going crazy in the endlessly interactive sandbox is great in any case! Playing alone, you will have to take care of your safety and your packages on your own. While the cooperative mode allows you to work as a team!
What is more, the rich game universe has more than just tasks and orders for you. The deliverers love their job, but something they love even more is recreation! You can have a rest after a hard working day or even in the process of delivery at any time, because the game is filled with amazing distractions. There are small games, constructions, and devices you can rotate, rearrange, and play with.

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