Mr. Hopp’s Playhouse

All alone in a dark house being chased by an… alive toy! That’s a nice and creepy story, right? In the game called Mr. Hopps’ Playhouse, you will play for a little girl who was scared of her toy – stuffed rabbit. And you know what, despite the fact that her parents thought that a girl has a rich imagination and there is nothing dangerous in a simple toy, the worst thing happened. It turned out that Mr. Hopps is not just a regular toy, he is alive, he can move and he can kill. These are the bad news! When trying to fall asleep, you saw Mr. Hopps disappearing from his chair. Where is he now? You don’t know. However, if you will meet him, the best thing you can do is hide.
Knowing that an alive toy that scared you to death even before it came to life is somewhere here is creepy. He is hiding in the dark and his large white eyeballs are watching you. You need to be careful and silent when you are walking where alive toy-killers are around. So make sure that you don’t make the wrong moves, try not to step on toys – the make noises – and watch the bar that indicates whether you are hidden at the moment. Don’t stay unhidden for too long – this can end badly. Very badly. Play this creepy title now for free!

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