Granny 3

Do you love intense sensations and thrilling emotions? How about participating in a gripping horror adventure that takes caution and ingenuity to survive? We are talking about a great horror game called Granny 3 where you’ll be set up against an insane old woman luring people into her house and playing a cruel form of hide-and-seek with them. She will hunt you all over the place and your goal is to find an exit and make it out of here before five days run out!

That won’t be easy because you need to collect quite a lot of items for your escape. The difficulty is also that you can only carry one object in your hands at a time, so you’ll have to decide what you need most this very moment and stash the rest of the things you’ve discovered in a safe place to come back for them later if you need them. There is a mini-map that will help you find your way around the house.

There are many secret rooms and passages here that contain interesting information and useful stuff. For instance, you can find notes left by the previous prisoner and discover that Granny hides things in a melon outside the building. That’s where you’ll find a much-needed element of solving this escape puzzle! Good luck!

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