Survival Games

Are you a hard nut to crack? You don’t like easy gameplay and are looking for a real challenge? Then there is no better category of online entertainments of you than survival games! Survival games are interesting precisely because just sitting in a chair at home, you can wage an exciting struggle for your life. They will test a wide range of your abilities – from mere caution to stealth, ingenuity and shooting skills!

Stay alive in the wilderness!

Most of these games often greet you with an aggressive environment that forces you to go to all kinds of extremes to stay alive. At the beginning, you generally find yourself stranded in some wild setting – for instance, on a deserted island, in the middle of the woods or in a half-ruined city destroyed by a mysterious epidemic. This is your home now and you have to come up with means of living thought yet another day. And that won’t be easy!

In games like that, you have to constantly monitor your vital parameters. If hunger and thirst don’t kill you, you might get cold at night, so you need to provide yourself with a safe and warm shelter. Your health may also deteriorate due to various factors. Infections and deep wounds can only be cured with the help of medicine that should be either found by prowling the map or crafted on your own from the flora you can find nearby. Crafting usually comprises a good portion of survival games allowing you to gather materials and turn them into something totally new and very cool. You just have to find the right ingredients!

Fight hungry zombies… and other players!

The main guests of survival games are all kinds of zombies, which come in a variety of shapes and sizes. According to the idea of the creators, the absence of medicine and tools are not such serious problems. The gamer is not obliged to rummage through the localities and look for means for survival, they must get them in the battle with the undead. Today, this is exactly the menu available in zombie shooters.

Some projects are complemented by human factors. In order to survive in them, it will not be enough to simply make a fire and heat the stew – here it is necessary to remember that this stew can be taken away from you. Other players can be very hostile, but some can also make good friends for you. After all, it’s easier to withstand the difficulties of post-apocalyptic life together! Choose your survival trial for today, set off and see if you can stay alive!

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