Shooting Games

Thrilling and emotional, shooting games attract gamers from all corners of the globe. There are so many types of them! Some are massive shooters, where you have to meet other players and share the battle field. As a rule, your mission is to kill everyone you can see before he kills you. These are the battle royale shooters and players have to join a server to play them. For instance, we welcome you to try famous Fortnite – a game that has already conquered the entire Internet. Here you will find numerous bright characters with interesting weapons and tools. Choose the one you like and get yourself on the arena where 100 other gamers are waiting for a death match to start. Also, the same genre of the game is applied to popular PUBG, a game that reminds of Counter Strike. The soldiers and terrorists are fighting against one another and your destiny and life is in your own hands.
Also, there are shooters for one players, that are no less thrilling. For instance, you are welcome to try funny and energetic Mr. Bullet, a game about a super-cool spy on a mission. Aim precisely and shoot the enemies right into their heads! Try Sniper 3D Assassin and feel yourself like a real sniper. Here you will have to hide on the roof of the building or anywhere else where the victim cannot see you. Actually, nobody can see you, otherwise you are a bad sniper. Try these and other games on our resource absolutely for free!

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