Minecraft Games

Who wouldn’t want to live in a perfect world? Unfortunately, real life is often so far from even the most modest of our fantasies. Sometimes you just want to close your eyes and get carried away to the world of your dreams, just for a second… Minecraft games give you such an opportunity! This colorful and exciting land consisting of cubic blocks allows anyone to construct virtual reality to their own taste. So, let’s begin?

Full freedom of building and exploring

Minecraft belongs to the genre of sandbox, which means it has an open world where you aren’t limited by any storyline or obligatory missions. You find yourself on a sunlit lawn with a pickaxe in your hands. This is your first instrument that will help you mine the basic materials needed to create more tools, weapons and to build a home. As you wander farther from your house, you will find rarer ingredients that will allow you to craft even more impressive items. In creative mode, that’s about all you’ll be busy with.

But if you play in survival mode, you also need to take care of provision and protection. There are plenty of options to get food here: the woods are full of game, there is enough fish in the rivers and you can always find some berries growing right under your feet. If you wish, you can even set up your own garden! But be careful: there are also plenty of wild animals roaming the landscape, so you’d better equip yourself with a good sword or bow to fight off the danger. At night, the valley is also crawling with evil monsters that will gladly eat you alive if you don’t take measures! All kinds of aggressive creatures will also be waiting for you in caves, deserts and other distant locations. Fighting them is incredibly exciting, plus you can pick up new ingredients falling out of their dead bodies!

New features and modes for Minecraft fans!

Over the years, the basic gameplay of Minecraft has been expanded with additional features. Today there are dozens of online games offering you thrilling races, heated combats and gripping escape room quests in the iconic pixel style. Many popular franchises have been ported to the platform and now, playing Minecraft games, you can meet such legendary characters as Granny, Baldi and others. The cubic graphics make everything look unique and immediately evokes familiar associations. There are a lot of other discoveries and surprises waiting of you on this page. Choose a Minecraft game to your liking and enjoy amazing pixel adventures!

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