Arcade Games

The world of arcades is so vast! These are the oldest games ever existed. The story of arcade games starts long time ago, when there were no smart phones and computers. The absence of these devices meant nothing to people who wanted to play games! So the playing machines were invented. The very first arcades could be found on these machines in the entertaining parks and shopping malls. Now the arcade games are available for your personal devices, so you don’t need to go anywhere and throw a coin into a machine to play one and have a great time. These games are usually straightforward and simple. You have a character, who usually moves forward and jumps. The harmful objects, obstacles, and enemies should be avoided while the useful ones (usually, gold or stars) should be collected. The stages become more and more difficult with time and the bosses are waiting for you at the final of each stage. As for the narrative part, the arcade developers rarely pay too much attention to it. Most of them ask you to go somewhere and release someone or to get the stolen artifacts back. They are not very diverse and creative.
On this page, you will find a great number of classical and modern arcades for all tastes and preferences. Choose the one that you like and don’t forget to check more – the collection is really golden! Come back to this section again for more games because we update it all the time. Have fun!

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