Among Us Games

The wonderful game Among Us became extremely popular due to the original idea and thrilling setting. The first version of this title reminds a well-known collective game called Mafia. The group of players is divided into two parts: one of them represent hidden villains and kill the others when nobody can see; the other part tries to distinguish the killers in disguise. The same idea is brought to the space ship, where a crew of astronauts prepares a ship for a mission. As you already guessed, some of them are betrayers – nasty guys willing to ruin everything and even murder the good guys. Your role is prescribed automatically and anonymously.
Once the impostor kills one of the astronauts, the rest of the players gather together to vote for a killer and punish him. Everyone can vote, except those who have been already killed – they will stay on board, complete their tasks and puzzles, but won’t be able to communicate with the others. Depending on the amount of survivors from each side, the impostors or astronauts will win the game. However, in this section, you will find more impressive adventures of the astronauts, not limited to the cosmic mission and opposition between astronauts and impostors. Cannot wait to learn more? Here you go then! We have prepared original runners, riders, and other competition games that feature the characters from the Among Us franchise. Here you will find thrilling competitions that take part on the ruining platforms, where every next step can bring you a failure, so be careful! There are also riding games, races, and more! Enjoy!

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